What We Do

Just a few of the services we provide for our clients:

  • mill2On a regular basis we make stair treads, railings, butcher block type items, etc.
  • We provide accuracy to 1/64 of an inch.
  • We have an eight-foot sliding arm panel saw for angled and precise cuts.
  • Glue and cut panels for custom made doors.
  • We provide door jambs and moldings for doors.
  • We dimension plywood and Melamine for cabinet shops and case good companies.
  • We handle a lot of reclaimed lumber.
  • We have the ability to make our own tooling allowing us to match ANYTHING that can be drawn.

We have spent many years increasing our line of machinery to allow us to increase our capabilities in the custom woodworking business. In our 16,000-sq. ft. shop we have:

  • mill3A double-side, twenty four-inch planer.
  • A twin arbor ripsaw.
  • An eighteen-inch gang rip.
  • A double- sided planer combination.
  • A 52 inch wide belt sander.
  • Three molders.

If you have a need for a high quality, custom designed product, then we are your solution. Please contact us for a free estimate.