mill1        Brauen Custom Millwork is a leading provider of custom wood products including moldings, flooring, mantels, stair treads, railings, butcher block, custom furniture, doors, and door frames.

Sixteen years ago, our business started making door panels for one custom door company in the local area. We purchased a used table saw and went to work part-time after coming home from our full time jobs. We now manufacture tongue and groove wood flooring, we provide end matching for wood floors, produce custom designed molding, trims, door parts, wainscoting, wall and ceilings, exterior wood siding, and dimension rough lumber to customer specifications.

We attribute our success to providing you with a product and level of service that cannot be gotten from the major chains. We pay attention to the details. Our product is pre-sanded and ready to install. Only the highest quality finished product is included in your order. There are no seconds. And this is all done with a smile and at a fair price.